A single login for all users.  Administrative users and contractors log into the system via a secure server.  Logins are controlled by permissions set by a Level 1 user.

After login you will be taken to your dashboard page.

The dashboard is designed to be the single location for all notifications of contractor activity.  If an insurance certificate is due for renewal a notification will be sent to both contractor and client and displayed in the dashboard.

There are two types of notifications – General and Critical.

General is for all activities that are taking place in the system.

Critical is for non-compliance notification and actionable items.

View all your contractors summary information and status on the main contractor page, filter using search criteria and find the contractor you want to view.

You can do quick search using the search fields or do a quick search by contractor name in the search box inside the table.

View your contractors insurances, download PDF of Certificates of Currency or view on-line.  All old Certificates are also stored in the archive section to allow for future access.

Contractors upload their own certificates of currency and the system will send reminder when they are coming up to expiry.

View your contractors licences, certificates, checks and certifications, download PDF copies or view on-line.

When a contractor replaces an expired Insurance, licence or certificate the old copy will be archived automatically.

You can view archived documents at any time via the Contractor details page and go to the archive section.

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