A single login for all users.  Administrative users and trainees log into the system via a secure server.  Logins are controlled by permissions set by a Level 1 user.

After login you will be taken to your dashboard page.

The dashboard is designed to be the single location for all notifications of trainee activity.  The dashboard shows a summary of all courses completed, due or overdue.

Easily add and edit courses (if you have permission).

Add the course content and allocate the course to either positions or sites and departments, so trainees are automatically registered for the course.

Add or edit assessment questions.  We have focused on the essential formats of the following questions types:


Multiple Choice

Short Answer

Click and match (match answers to images)

Feel free to add as many trainees as you like, we don’t count how many trainees you have only Administrative users.

Add all your trainee information, you can upload a photo, enter their position, site and departments and they will be automatically registered for mandatory training in those areas.

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