ZERITE and SAFcomm Timeline

Started SAFcomm

Hugh, Mischelle and Peter create a service based business called SAFcomm, with the sole focus of contractor management and all aspects of managing the risks associated with out sourced labour.

New Office

SAFcomm was starting to gain new clients and we moved to our new office in Eagle Farm, Brisbane, recruited some new support staff.

New System

After a lot of work from our in house programmers we built the new SAFcomm system designed to last up to 10 years.

Scope Zerite Products

2015 was a huge year for SAFcomm and Zerite, in partnership we scoped a entirely new type of product for contractor management along with a new learning management system.

The new Contractor system is aimed at clients who want to manage their contractors in house while using a functional on-line system offering access by contractor to maintain their data and documents, so Zerite was born.

Zerite Launch

2016, the birth of Zerite………   We have had clients waiting in the wings for this product, as a new product on the market this is an amazing feel for Mischelle and Hugh, the founders of Zerite.

We listen to our clients and create a products that is affordable and automates a lot of the functions that SAFcomm provides, although we do still offer services in the back end by SAFcomm.

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