Manage your contractors and all of their compliance documents online with a simple to use system that monitors all date sensitive documents.


You can do all the setup yourselves or our staff can provide the service for you.


Upload your logo and a feature image for the background of the system.

Your Business

Setup your Sites and Departments.  These are used for allocating contractors and Admin Users for reporting.


Setup as many categories as your like.  Each contractor is linked to a category and can be used for reporting.


Setup pre-qualification questions for your contractors to answers as part of the compliance process.

Admin Users

Setup your Admin Users and allocate their access and assign to Sites and Departments.

User Views

Based on client requirements Admin Users can only view contractors allocated to their Sites and Departments.

System Emails

Modify some system generated emails to suit your business.  Emails are used for document expiry reminders.

Bulk Upload

You can add your contractor basic company information via a bulk upload spreadsheet or individually via the system. 

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