Founded after 10 years conducting contractor management services and 30 years in Safety and Risk management.

Founded by Mischelle and Hugh after over 30 years in contractor management and Safety and Risk management fields.  We designed and developed Zerite, a functional and very affordable contractor and learning management system.

Zerite in partnership with SAFcomm has listened closely to our clients and their contractors looking for an alternative to the contractor management services in the current market.  Zerite and SAFcomm deliver the following:

  • Contractor Management system to manage all data and documents in the cloud
  • Linked Learning Management System for delivery of all eLearning to your contractors or staff
  • Self managed option or fully managed service options
  • Fully self managed with contractors loading documents via their own logins
  • If self managed – We do not charge per contractor only Client Administrative Users and storage


Easily manage your contractor on-line, store all data and copies of insurances and all certificates and licenses.  Upload safety documents or any other requirements.


Our Learning Management System, is very simple, you do not pay per trainee, you only pay per admin user, upload your courses in simple web format and away you go.


We don’t charge per contractor, if you are self managing, you only pay for admin users and storage, we keep the overheads low so we can bring you a great price


Operational people developing results

We are a group of professionals with over 30 years in operational and management positions.  We believe in our products and they have been designed from real world experience.



    Experience in delivering professional consulting and services to executive and line managers in key areas of HSE & risk

  • HUGH


    Professional consultant and business manager with extensive experience in the mining and manufacturing industries


    CHRISDesign and Development Project Manager

    Professional consultant and business manager with extensive experience in the mining and manufacturing industries


    DAMIENAdministrative Support

    Administrative Support and Contractor and Client Services


    KATIEAdministrative Support

    Passionate about supporting our clients and contractors.


    ANSLIEAdministrative Client Support

    Passionate about supporting our clients and contractors.


    JANICEAdministrative Client Support

    Passionate about supporting our clients and contractors.


Years of hands on operational experience

Truly transparent costs, pay for what you need, no hidden fees.

Skilled Professionals.


We stand for “Quality, Consistency and Integrity”

Zerite™ is committed to providing innovative global business systems; our commitment is based on our core values of quality, integrity, creativeness and customer focus.

A core value is only a true if it has active participation of all in our team members; this is the “way we work”.  Our values dynamically influence the behaviors of our teams, and drive our passion for creating system that work for our customers.

Quality – we work hard to provide reliable, secure systems for our customers, we achieve this through working closely with our services providers, monitoring of our systems 24/7 and working within the guidelines of a quality and information security systems.

Integrity – Honesty – We admit when something goes wrong and work hard to fix the problem and we focus on the customer and try to help whenever we can, we thrive on feedback and this drives our innovation.

Creativeness – for us this is about seeing a need and developing a functional tool to assist businesses in their everyday operations.  We like to consult with our customers so we don’t get carried away with our own innovations.


Our customers have asked us to continue to develop and expand our systems and services based on our ability to deliver affordable effective programs that enable them to manage and grow their businesses.

Zerite™ premium products are designed to support our customer’s global endeavors wherever their business operations are located.

As the directors of Zerite Pty Ltd Mischelle and Hugh invite feedback and comment on how we can expand our products and improve support to our customers, call us or send a note.


  • What does the Contractor Management System do?

    The contractor management systems allows you to manage all your contractors in one location, contractors load data into the system via their own logins, including documentation, insurances and licenses and the system will monitor everything for you.

  • Why are your prices so cheap?

    Zerite made the decision to keep our prices affordable to make both our contractor management and learning management systems accessible to all size businesses.  To be able to do this, the products are fully self managed, you, the client load your contractors and check uploaded data and approve for compliance.

  • Is your Learning Management System a real LMS?

    Our Learning Management System (LMS) offers all the essential functions required to deliver, assess, report and monitor all training modules.

    The system has functionality for allocating course modules to positions/roles and the trainees in those position will automatically receive notification to complete the training.

    So the answer is Yes, it is a real LMS, just priced to suit all size businesses.

  • Do you offer setup services for the system?

    Zerite offers additional paid services to fully setup all the systems.

    We also offer full contractor on-boarding to get you up and running faster and then you take over the on-going management.

    Additional services include induction and training eLearning development, and once again we keep the costs low, you give the package to us in MS PowerPoint and we will convert it to HTML5.

  • Do you offer a fully managed service

    Yes, we offer a fully managed services with multiple payment options.  This service needs to be quoted on separately as in this specific case the number of contractors you have will impact the cost.

    Fully Managed Options include: 

    • Setup of all users and contractors in system
    • Collection and loading of all data and documents
    • Followup monitoring – Including a follow phone call for expired documents
    • Contact point for your contractor to call if they need help
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