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Contractor Management Systems are on the move

Contractor Management Systems are on the move

Over the last 10 years Contractor Management Systems have been developed with payment models to suit clients but not necessarily the contractors.  Most systems that have been implemented have adopted the “Contractor Pays” model, including us, until now.

After many years delivering contractor management services the most common complaint from contractors was having to pay an annual fee for the services, so we thought long and hard about how to overcome this issue and we came up with Zerite Software as a Services (Saas) also known as Cloud Software.

New Contractor Management Methods

We spent over 12 months developing the new system to enable clients to self manage their contractors through our on-line software.

No Fee to the Contractor

The Contractor Management SaaS allows clients to have 100’s of contractors in their system and without any cost to the contractor.

The contractors log into a branded system from their office, they answer any questions required by the client (built into the system) and upload their licenses, insurance certificates and any additional documentation that is required.

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