One the hardest parts of implementing a new system is getting your data in the system.  In the case of the contractor management system, your contractors will need to input all their details and upload all their documents.  This can be time consuming for a client, but Zerite can assist in helping your contractors through the process.  We can be a single point of contact for them.

This services would be a project based service, we will scope the requirements and start the on-boarding of contractors, which includes uploading all contractors into the Zerite system, respond to contractor inquires and help the contractor to upload documents, licenses and certificates.  pricing for this would be quoted to you.

Pricing plans below are example estimated only.


Scope the project $450
Delivery services for contractor on-boarding $45 per contractor (with 20 documents)


  • Do the contractors have their own login for entering information and documents?

    Yes, every contractor will receive their own system login to answer all questions, submit documents and copies of licences and insurance certificates, and any other documentation required by you.

  • What is the timeline for the project?

    We estimate about a month for the complete on-boarding of contractors but this will depend on your contractors promptly uploading their documents and also the number of contractors.

  • Why does it take so long?

    A month is the suggested time frame, that gives the contractors time to gather all their information and upload all required documents, then for Zerite to review the submissions and submit for approval.

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