Let Zerite help you setup your system to suit your specific needs.  We can help setup all admin users, your compliance requirements, your contractors questionnaires (Pro Only), your documentation and insurance requirements.  Our support staff will set up everything in consultation with you to speed up your implementation.


Remote Setup of System - Email, Skype and Phone $750
On-Site Setup $450 per day on-site
On-Site Setup Expenses Travel and Accom at cost price
On-Site Setup Expenses $120 per day for transport and meals


  • Do your staff do the actual setup in the system or do you just guide us through?

    For the setup services our staff do all the setup directly in the system, we consult with you during the process so ensure you fully understand the setup, and that it meets all your needs.

  • Can we do the setup and your staff just guide us?

    If that is what you want, yes we can do that, but the prices for the staff member to guide you through the setup is the same.

  • Do we have to have Skype for remote setup?

    Skype is the easy solution and it’s free.  Although if you have your own web conference facility, you can issue us a login and we will use your preferred method.

  • Can we just set it up ourselves?

    Of course you can.  You can use the knowledge base to guide you through the process, we have a step by step guide for you in the support centre.

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